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Baila C. - Autor o Coautor
Lobón S - Autor o Coautor
Blanco M - Autor o Coautor
Casasús I - Autor o Coautor
Ripoll G - Autor o Coautor
Joy M - Autor o Coautor
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Sainfoin in the Dams’ Diet as a Source of Proanthocyanidins: Effect on the Growth, Carcass and Meat Quality of Their Suckling Lambs

Publicado en:Animals. 12 (4): - 2022-02-01 12(4), doi: 10.3390/ani12040408

Baila C.; Lobón S; Blanco M; Casasús I; Ripoll G; Joy M;


Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentaria de Aragón - Entidad de origen
Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad - Financiador
Univ Zaragoza, Ctr Invest & Tecnol Agroalimentaria Aragon CITA, Dept Ciencia Anim, CITA,Inst Agroalimentario Aragon IA2, Avda Montanana 930, Zaragoza 50059, Spain - Autor o Coautor
Universidad de Zaragoza - Autor o Coautor


Resúmen: Sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia) is a forage legume with a medium content of proanthocyani-dins (PAC), which may affect animal performance and product quality. The objective of the present study was to assess the effect of PAC from sainfoin fed to dams, using polyethylene glycol (PEG) as a blocking agent, on the performance and carcass and meat quality of their suckling male lambs. After lambing, twenty lactating dams were fed fresh sainfoin ad libitum plus 200 g per day of barley; ten were orally dosed with water (Sainfoin), and ten were dosed orally with a water dilution of 100 g PEG (Sainfoin + PEG). Their lambs (4.1 ± 0.64 kg at birth) suckled ad libitum until they reached the target slaughter weight of 10–12 kg. The presence of PAC in the dams’ diet did not affect the growth, blood metabolites and carcass weight and fatness of the suckling lambs but decreased the lightness of caudal fat (p < 0.05) and increased the weight of the digestive compartments (p < 0.05). Regarding the meat characteristics, PAC only decreased polyphenols content (p < 0.05). In conclusion, the presence of PAC in the dams’ diet had not significant effects on the performance and product quality of their suckling lambs.

Palabras clave: condensed tannins; fermentation; forage; increase; meat color; metabolites; milk; onobrychis viciifolia; performance; plasma; plasma metabolites; quebracho; Carne de cordero; Condensed tannins; Fatty-acid-composition; Meat color; Onobrychis viciifolia; Performance; Plasma metabolites; Taninos

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