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Forest bioeconomy in the media discourse in Spain

Publicado en:Ambio. 49 (12): 1897-1911 - 2020-12-01 49(12), doi: 10.1007/s13280-020-01390-0

Marco P.;


Agrifood Res & Technol Ctr Aragon CITA, Dept Forest Resources, Av Montanana 930, Zaragoza 50059, Spain - Autor o Coautor
Calle Pintor Adrian Aldecoa 4, Vitoria 01008, Spain - Autor o Coautor
Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentaria de Aragón - Entidad de origen
Univ Zaragoza, Dept Econ Anal, Sch Social Sci & Humanities & IA2, Teruel, Spain - Autor o Coautor
Univ Zaragoza, Dept Psychol & Sociol, Sch Social Sci & Humanities, Calle Atarazanas 4, Teruel 44003, Spain - Autor o Coautor
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Resúmen: Media can play a key role in shaping public opinion and setting a policy agenda by conveying and influencing public discourse. This article evaluates how the Spanish media has covered the topic of the forest bioeconomy and what kind of discourse it has produced and reproduced around it. For this purpose, we analysed the content of 204 national and regional newspaper articles. The results reveal the scarce penetration of the forest bioeconomy in media and some weaknesses in the narrative production and communicative dimension. The discourse is mainly constructed by governments with a limited presence of multiple stakeholders and an absence of conflict and divergent or alternative views. In addition, the discourse only addresses regional or local problems within the framework of an extended and dominant paradigm of economic growth considering the forest bioeconomy as an opportunity to combat fire, rural abandonment, smallholdings, and poor forest management. We conclude that media is not using its strategic potential and capacity as a public space. To become agents of change, the media should reflect a forest bioeconomy based on successful experiences of innovation and valorization, and adopt a transformative social vision that gives relevance to the interconnection between multiple stakeholders, forest multifunctionality and rural development.

Palabras clave: communication strategies; forest bioeconomy; media coverage; narrative patterns; Climate-change; Communication strategies; Conflict; Economic development; Economic growth; Fire; Fires; Forest; Forest bioeconomy; Forest ecosystem; Forests; Germany; Innovation; Management; Mass-media; Media coverage; Media role; Narrative patterns; Narratives; Perception; Policy; Political discourse; Poverty; Public opinion; Public-opinion; Spain; Stakeholders' vision; Stakeholders’ vision; State role; Strategic approach; Transitions; Valorization; Wildfire

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