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Ferrer Perez, HugoAuthor
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Economic Spill-Over of Food Quality Schemes on Their Territory

Publicated to:Journal Of Agricultural And Food Industrial Organization. - 2021-12-01 (), doi: 10.1515/jafio-2019-0046

Ferrer Perez, Hugo;


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Author
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem - Author
Center for Agro-food Economy and Development - Author
Centre INRAE Bourgogne-Franche-Comté - Author
ECO-SENSUS Research and Communication Non-profit Ltd. - Author
ECOZEPT - Author
Horizon 2020 Framework Programme - Funding
Impact Measurement Ltd - Author
Kasetsart University - Author
Statens institutt for forbruksforskning - Author
Universidad CEU San Pablo - Source entity
University of Belgrade - Author
University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City - Author
University of Parma - Author
University of Zagreb - Author
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Summary: We study the effect of a set of food quality scheme (FQS) products within the local economy using a local multiplier approach based on LM3 methodology. To evaluate the effective contribution within the local area, we compare each FQS product with its equivalent standard/conventional counterpart. Local multiplier allows us to track the financial flows converging within the local area at the different levels of the supply chain so that we can measure the FQS product role in local economic activation. Overall, the FQS products exhibit a higher positive contribution to the local economy than the standard references. However, there is significant heterogeneity in the impact according to the product categories. In the case of vegetal products, the local economic advantage due to FQS is 7% higher than the reference products, but the statistical tests reject the null hypothesis that the medians are significantly different from zero. On the contrary, animal products exhibit a larger contribution of FQS than the standard counterparts (+24%). The PGI products (+25%) produce the major effect, while PDO products show a median difference lower (+6%). The organic and non-organic products seem to be substantially equivalent in terms of contribution to the local economy, due to the similarity in the downstream processing phase.

Keywords: Agricultura orgánica; Desarrollo rural; Economía agrícola; Economic spill-over; Food quality scheme; Local areas; Local multiplier; Marca de calidad; Rural development

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