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Research Topic "Breeding for Consumer Quality Traits in Rosaceous Fruit Trees"

Publicado en:Frontiers In Plant Science. - 2021-10-31 (), doi:

Cantin Mardones, Celia;


Fructicultura. IRTA Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentarias - Autor o Coautor


Resúmen: Rosaceae fruit tree crops include some of the world’s most valuable commodities (apple, pear, peach, almond, cherries, strawberry etc.). Fruit quality attributes, such as color and appearance, flavor (taste and aroma), texture, nutritional value and postharvest quality, are among the most desirable traits in newly developed cultivars. These traits are critical not only to consumer acceptance but also to growers and distributors leading to the success or failure of a new cultivar. First time purchases are often based on appearance, but high consumer acceptance and repeat purchases are attained with ability to deliver constant flavour and texture. Although these attributes have not been historically main objectives in Rosaceae fruit breeding programs, recently consumer demand for outstanding fruit quality makes these traits priority in Rosaceae fruit breeding programs. Breeding for fruit quality is complex as most fruit quality traits are controlled by multiple genes, which complicates the development of tools to improve them in the breeding process. Additionally, some of the most important fruit quality traits are complex attributes difficult to phenotype. Genetic regulation of these complex consumer quality traits and development of tools for phenotyping and shortening the breeding cycle are key questions at the core of Rosaceae fruit breeding research studies. Advances in Rosaceae genomics provide insight into the complexity of genetics of fruit quality via comparative studies within and between genera. This Research Topic seeks to bring together the latest advances in the knowledge of the genetic control of essential consumer fruit quality traits such as color and appearance, flavor (taste and aroma), texture, nutritional value, and postharvest quality in Rosaceae tree crops and integration of research discoveries into tools for DNA-informed breeding. Review of fruit quality improvement along the domestication and breeding history of these fruit species is also encouraged. The objective of this Research Topic is to provide a forum for new research and review articles on recent advances in breeding for fruit quality in Rosacea fruit species. Preferred topics might include but are not limited to themes such as: • Genetic control of consumer important fruit quality traits such as color and appearance, flavor (taste and aroma), texture, nutritional value, and postharvest quality in Rosaceae fruit species • Evolution of fruit quality traits during the domestication and breeding history of Rosaceae tree fruit species • Breeding for fruit quality traits in Rosaceae fruit crops • Instrumental vs. sensory analysis methods for the evaluation of fruit sensory attributes • Molecular markers and other DNA breeding tools to improve the efficiency of the breeding process focused on fruit quality and consumer expectations • Influence of fruit quality traits on consumer acceptance of Rosaceae fruits

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